The sixth issue of Finesse™ explores a theme close to Chef Thomas Keller’s heart: community, and the many ways it shapes our lives. He and his team turn to their community in this issue—to friends near and far, those who are making a significant impact on their neighborhoods and to the true sense of community found around a table while sharing a meal.

The Community issue features profiles of eight French chefs, including Jacques Pépin, Jean-Yves Piquet, Michel Richard and André Soltner, who shaped a generation of cooks in New York—culinary icons who mentored Chef Keller and many of his peers. The issue also highlights a community exchange of recipes among Chefs Rick Bayless, Kevin Binkley, Emeril Lagasse and Alice Waters, plus stories from around the country of small and intimate food communities making a difference in the way people live.
Additional contributors include Larry Baer, CEO of the San Francisco Giants, Poet Marie Howe, Rick Mast of Mast Brothers Chocolate and Chef Marcus Samuelsson.

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